2010 Engineers' Banquet

We are pleased to announce that the 2010 KSPE Louisville Engineers' Banquet was held at Louisville Slugger Field on Friday, February 12, 2010!  The banquet featured a social hour with live music, dinner, awards presentation and reception.


KSPE Louisville President Elect, Lisa Brandenburg, announced the 2010 KSPE Louisville award winners, and recognized them for their outstanding achievements. The names of the award winners for 2010 and previous years are available HERE.

Wes Sydnor, KSPE Louisville Treasurer, made a special announcement recognizing KSPE Louisville Partners and their support of the chapter through annual sponsorship of the Partners Program and regular attendance at meetings.

KSPE Louisville President, Kelly Meyer, recognized individuals who made a significant committment to the Chapter over the year, including the KSPE Louisville Banquet committee, led by Melissa Armendt of Stantec. Thanks to Melissa and the Banquet committee for creating a wonderful and memorable evening.

A special thank you to all the event sponsors for your continuous and generous support.