2006 KSPE Louisville Engineers' Banquet

The KSPE Louisville Engineer's Banquet was held Friday, February 17 at the Seelbach Hilton.  Everyone seemed to have a great time.  Comedian Mark Klein, who filled in as the guest speaker, had us all in stitches!

A special drawing was held for the current 34 KSPE Louisville Chapter Partners to thank them for their committment to the Chapter.  A Maker's Mark putter, made from a retired Maker's Mark whiskey barrel, and two Maker's Mark lead crystal decanters, were the prizes.  David Smith of QK4 won the putter, and Ed Nobles of Independent Concrete Pipe and Eddie Mesta of Sherman Dixie won the decanters.

Click on the pictures below to see larger versions, but only at your own risk. :-)   Many thanks to Steve Bickel for the photos!



Rob Mullins accepts the Outstanding Contribution to Leadership PE Award